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Graham Watson

G.C. Watson Studios

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I’m a self taught landscape painter and member of the Weaver Vale Art Society. I currently live in Appleton, Warrington, Cheshire and exhibit and sell paintings mainly around North West England. I was reasonably good at art at school but went on to study polymer chemistry and coatings technology which led to a career in the chemical industry. Interestingly enough the fact that I spent a large part of my career designing new paint systems and colour ranges for Automotive Manufacturers led me back in the direction of art. At the age of 50 this interest was endorsed by joining the pigments industry and it was at this point I started to paint again. Workwise I was then the technical lead for projects with artist paint manufactures, Winsor and Newton, Daler Rowney, Talens, etc all of which used pigments that we manufactured.


Initially I painted in watercolour which someone said ‘it is a lifetimes work – most of it uphill’! Today I also paint in oil and have recently started using pastels. Regarding subject matter my particular interest  lies in industrial buildings which includes lighthouses, art deco cinemas, docklands, river scenes and boats/ ships. I have painted a number of birds, beach scenes, mountain and lake landscapes and film noir actors from old movies. I recently painted the new Liverpool FC Anfield ground – just for a change! I draw the line at peoples pets and relatives!


As an active member of the Weaver Vale Art Society I take part in our local exhibitions throughout the year and our regular weekly painting sessions. I undertake commissions on a variety of subjects.


My other interests are Art Deco ceramics, figures, furniture as well as art history.  I am a crown green bowler and a member of three clubs where I bowl in various league teams. I am the secretary of the Stockton Heath Seniors Bowling Club.I am also an armchair Liverpool FC supporter.


Painting for me is a pleasure I enjoy and if I sell some paintings along the way that is fine.

Artist Graham Watson of G.C Watson Studios and Bearded Seagull Arts & Crafts holding his painting
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