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A Bearded Seagull was born!

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

A bright and colourful welcome to Bearded Seagull Arts & Crafts! We are a collective of colour addicted artists and crafters with spare rooms crammed full of canvases, camera bags and stacks upon stacks of fabric! We each enjoy spending our spare time creating unique arts and crafts and wanted to find a way to be able to share our work and products with a wider audience and new customers. We consequently decided to combine together to form a new and unique creative collective, giving birth to the Bearded Seagull Arts & Crafts Collective. Along with my fellow co-founder, Jo Watson, we have worked hard to create the brand and are very happy to now be in a position to share the fruits of our labour with you! Along with updates regarding our latest work and where we will be popping up at events, our new website now has a store up and running, packed full of goodies, with new additions often being added, so do take a look when you have a chance.


So, who are we? I am Imogen Barker, the collective's photographer and graphic designer. My creations are mostly prints and greetings cards, featuring lots of landscapes and nature from around the world. Whilst I can be found behind the camera and spending many an hour editing on the mac, Jo Watson is our sewing star, often found working her way through her vast music collection whilst carefully crafting beautiful fabric creations on her beloved sewing machine. Her extensive collection of carefully folded fabrics is that of a fabric-lovers' dreams! Completing our trio is Graham Watson, our fantastically talented artist, creating original artworks spanning across oil, watercolour and pastels. His subjects vary across a wide array of styles, from quintessential countryside landscapes, to art deco cinema homages. Whilst some of his work is captures scenes abroad, he is also an expert at capturing the history and essence of the north west of England, where he is based. As well as his original, one of a kind, artworks being available to purchase, Graham also has a wonderful array of greetings cards featuring images of his artworks on sale in our store.


Whilst we were busy making our respective creations we discovered a captivating world hidden within the arts and crafts that we make. Through close up photography we discovered we can reveal the art within our art - the intricate details even we the creators can’t see with the naked eye. We found it fascinating so we thought other might like to see them too. We also enjoy picking up quirky knowledge, so we will sprinkle in a few intriguing facts about our hobbies along the way too. If you imagine a squawking seagull with a Captain Birdeye beard then you won't forget us! Better yet, sign up at the bottom of the page to receive our latest news or follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what we post next 🙂



We are Bearded Seagull Arts & Crafts Collective - a group of artists and crafters who have joined together to share and promote the products we make, selling a few along the way and inspiring others as we go.

Pinterest: Bearded Seagull Collective

Instagram: @beardedseagullcollective

Facebook: Bearded Seagull Arts & Crafts Collective



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