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How To Read 149 Popular Magazines For Free!

We recently found out about a great way to access lots of popular magazines, which is completely free and legitimate.

It is a fantastic service local libraries across England provide, but most people have no idea it exists, so we wanted to share it with you all so more people can benefit from this great perk.

As business owners with creative interests, we have really enjoyed having access to so many high quality magazines, providing lots of inspiration and allowing us to learn lots of new things.

With 149 magazines to choose from, spanning across hobbies, lifestyle, food, sports, business, nature, science, music, film, childcare and more...there are plenty to choose from!

Predictably, we are particularly interested in having free access to the photography, art and sewing magazines, as they can be incredibly expensive to regularly buy in paper form!

A printed copy of Simply Sewing from WH Smiths costs £6.99 per issue, Digital Photographer magazine is £5 and Artists & Illustrators is £4.50!

There are lots of big name, expensive magazines in the mix (just scroll down to our infographic below to see some of them).

Not only can you read an unlimited number of these magazines online, or on a device, but you can also download them to read offline and keep them for as long as you like - perfect for holidays or quiet moments, with a cup of tea, admiring a beautiful view.

Each magazine also has an extensive back catalogue of issues available to read and download too.

If you are interested in saving yourself some pennies and love flicking through magazines to relax and be inspired, follow our guide below to have all of these wonderful magazines readily available at your finger tips, at no cost.

We hope you find them as helpful and beneficial for your interests as we have for ours.

Happy Reading!

The Bearded Seagull Team xx


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