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Who doesn't like a deal? A Bearded Seagull deal...

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

We have all been there, the moment when you realise you need to panic buy an overpriced, semi-decent birthday card during your weekly mad dash around the supermarket. You had the birthday in question written clearly on the calendar and you even had a reminder set in your phone, yet life still managed to distract you to the point you are now standing in front of the same generic stand of cards desperately hoping to find one "which will do". Inevitably, you end up spending more than you planned, guilt ridden that you need to prove you did remember and care greatly. You don't want to give something which looks cheap and rubbish, so you end up yet again forking out and throwing one of the fancier ones into the basket, hiding the price sticker to be out of view underneath the loaf of bread. It's in moments like these that we all vow to ourselves that the next time we come across some truly nice cards we will start a collection of spares at home, on hand to mark the next special occasion and to avoid ending up in the same predicament again.

Then there is the issue of finding the perfect card to then open it up and discover such cringeworthy sentimental messages you find yourself wondering if it is acceptable to send a card in which you have Sharpie penned out the block of text in the middle in order to write a more acceptable note around the edges. You end up having to replace the card on the stand, inwardly seething that something so wonderful on the outside was ruined by another person's idea of what you should say on the inside. Having been very British, laughing and cringing our way through the painfully gushy and over-the-top sentiments other nations like to flood their cards with (we are looking at you America!), we vowed to produce cards which are always blank to let the customer have the freedom to write whatever they want.

Stress no longer - we have the perfect offer for you to be able to start that new collection of cards people would actually love to receive! Buy 4 cards and get one free! Our store has over 30 greetings card designs to choose from, which have all been created from our artists' own original content. Mix and match as you wish, across artists and designs. Just enter the promo code "5BEARDEDSEAGULL" at the checkout (in the promo code box) and £1.75 will drop straight off your bill. You can rest assured that the lucky recipients of your Bearded Seagull cards won't have seen these unique designs in their usual shopping haunts. You can even use the deal more than once in the same order (aren't we kind!), so now is the perfect time to top up your card collection. Happy Shopping!


We are Bearded Seagull Arts & Crafts Collective - a group of artists and crafters who have joined together to share and promote the products we make, selling a few along the way and inspiring others as we go.

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