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Revealing A Hidden World Within Art

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Here at the Bearded Seagull Collective we are lucky enough to have creative skills stretching across lots of different specialisms, including drawing and painting, digital design and sewing. We love utilising this unique mix of skills and interests to create unique perspectives. Our new Instagram account, @BeardedSeagullCollective, is a perfect example of this as we have started to photographically explore and share the intricate details of the art and craft worlds we work in.

As the collective's photographer I hunt for new perspectives and ways to photograph our designs and products, in order to capture and share their visually stunning qualities. In a world full of images that can be tricky, but it was particularly fun and rewarding to search out my macro lens and embark on this project to reveal the hidden close up world we don't usually get to see when we admire arts and crafts. Along with producing some fascinating photographs of the tiny details in the world around us, it is also the perfect tool for capturing and revealing the intricate details in Graham Watson's painting and drawing styles. If you haven't had a chance to visit our Instagram gallery yet, here are some examples of some of the amazing colours and textures we have been sharing over there. Graham can't even see this level of detail when he creates these wonderful paintings, so it really is a revelation to us all to be able to see the detail at such an intricate level that even paint coating individual paper fibres are visible! I'm not a painter so I found it fascinating to look down the viewfinder and be able to see how the brush strokes layered up to form distinctive shapes.

As we busy ourselves creating new designs and products for Bearded Seagull we will be sharing more close up photographs, like these, so do follow us on Instagram @BeardedSeagullCollective and follow #discoverthedetail and #beardedseagull to see lots more captivating details revealed.

Close up detail of a watercolour windmill's fan, painted by Graham Watson

Close up detail of a watercolour windmill's blade, painted by Graham Watson

Sunset Windmill by G.C Watson Studios

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